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Our Company, Tokupi Co., Ltd. intends to become a global enterprise by transmitting our home page to the domestic markets and overseas markets under the idea that our plunger pumps and their applications can surely contribute to the improvement and advancement of the world environmental conditions widely.

Tokupi Co Products
● Mist generator
● Coolant Unit
High Pressure Breaker HPB
High Pressure Breaker
超高圧 クーラントユニット U-HIPRECO
● Liquid carrier
High-pressure pump High-pressure pump High-pressure changeover delivery valve High-pressure changeover delivery valve Ultra-high-pressure changeover valve Ultra-high-pressure changeover valve
  Pressure regulator   Pressure regulator   Accumulator   Accumulator    
● High pressure pump applied products
造水機 RO Fresh water generator Flexible duct hose Cleaner
Motor set / Engine set and parts Motor set / Engine set and parts
  Vacuum pump   Vacuum pump   Stainless steel products   Stainless steel products    
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