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From sea water to fresh water ・・・・・ RO Fresh water generator can contribute to the future social problems to be solved.
RO増水機2 RO増水機1
  Fresh water generation according to the Seepage water osmosis method(RO)is carried out as follows:
・ Pressure is applied to seawater through exclusively designed membrane.
・ Then, only fresh water can pass through the membrane and thus, the fresh water can be obtained successfully by using a High-pressure pump manufactured byTokupi Co as a vital component part.
・ By using the performance of the Fresh water generator will be elevated drastically, as well as its endurance service lifetime will be extendable.
  Features (High-pressure pump provided with RO Fresh water generator)
  Elevation of Performance and Endurance service lifetime
  High-performance Tokupi High Pressure Pumps manufactured by Tokupi Co. are being used in the vital parts of the high-pressure pump system.
  Stainless steel materials are free from rust.
  High-grade packing (long service lifetime)
  Seal A provided in the high-pressure section is backed up by special filled-in Teflon.
  High performance intake/exhaust valve
  Highly hard materials are used. All matching parts are well running-in, processed and assembled.
  Ceramics (Replaceable)
  Direct drive (Center procurement is easy)
  Cooling process is free from water leakage.
  RO Fresh water generator saves the Earth (Contemporary water problems to be solved are introduced)
  World population is increasing day by day.
  World population : 6, 935, 529, 950 (on April 1, 2011)
  The world population is increasing at the rate as shown below:
One minute = 152, One day = 220,000, One year = 80,000,000
In the world, about 60, 000, 000 die, and about 140, 000, 000 born.The difference between wealth and poor is increasing, and Global warming is occurring. Such problems to be solved are piled up.Petroleum might be run and dry, as well as, surface soil and wood are missing from the Earth. Shortage of water and food, as well as, shortage of hospital and school are reported.People living requirements might exceed over the favor of the Sun and the Earth.



Virtual water (Calculation of virtual water)

  What is the total amounts of required water which are necessary to manufacture the final products as follows?
牛肉 豚肉 玉子 大豆
Beef 1kg
Pork 1kg
Egg 10 each
Soybean 1 cup
コーヒー   コーン   麦   米
Coffee 1 cup
Corn 1 cob
Wheat flour 1 kg
Rice 1 go (=0.18 L)

Run dry water (Recognition)

  Water on the Earth may be classified as follows:
Seawater ・・・ 98%
Fresh water ・・・ 2% only
Then the fresh water may be further classified as follows:
Glacier ・・・ 70%
Ground water・・・ 30%
Utilized water ・・・ 0.01% only
  • A:An explosive increase of urban population centering around Asia and Africa.
  • B:Globalization/Urban industrialization/Global warming
  A+B:Forecasting of shortage of safe drinking water for 2/3 of human population up to 2025.
  Forecasting of aerial shortage of water .
Forecasting of aerial shortage of water in 2025.
  Water resource and utilization and amount of water in Japan:
  [Yearly amount of water 640 billion㎥ ] - [Amount of water evaporation 230 billion㎥ ] = [Utilization of water resource approx. 410 billion㎥ ]
  Approximately 300 billion㎥ amount of water will be lost by a flood, etc.
Therefore, actually approx. 83.1 billion㎥ amount of water can be utilized yearly.
From approx. 83.1 billion㎥ amount of water yearly utilization, approx. 87% of water = 72.7 billion㎥ amount of water will become river water. and can be utilized as an water resource.:
The above data have been referred to “Water Earnings and Expenditures in Japan” published by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism ? Water Resources, Japan.
  Expansion of water pollution
Carelessly discharged polluted substances
Ever increasing living drain water.
Infiltration of polluted water from rivers into underground
The contamination of circulation polluted-water will become worse.
Then, the absolute shortage of the amount of utilized water will be accelerated.
  Changing to salt-water from ground water
Present status :
In the seaside area, ground water might change to salt water caused by the excessive intaking of ground water for industrial use or for cultivation use.
Future vision :
Salt water contained area will be further expanded caused by the influence exerted by the elevation of the sea surfaces due to the Global warming.
Changing to salt-water from well water
  • Changing to salt-water from living water
  • Changing to salt-water from irrigation water
  • Changing to salt-water from industrial water
  What is Desalination?
Desalination means that seawater or drain water can be changed into fresh water having adequate water quality (Fresh water generation)淡水化概要図

The major method of Desalination is a Membrane desalination method (Reverse osmosis method)
This Reverse osmosis method is featured as follows:

  • Energy-saving,
  • Running, maintenance and control are easy
  • Suitable for desalination of seawater and salt water.
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