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Our Company, Tokupi Co., Ltd. intends to become a global enterprise by transmitting our home page to the domestic markets and overseas markets under the idea that our plunger pumps and their applications can surely contribute to the improvement and advancement of the world environmental conditions widely.

Tokupi products, such as High-pressure pumps, are widely used for:

  • High-pressure pumps which can cope with super pure-water
  • Clean and sanitary pumps used in food industries
  • Cleaners used for the washing of automobile parts
  • Cleaners used for maintenance and washing of civil and construction vehicles
  • Cleaners used for civil and construction machine parts
  • High-pressure pumps for pure water
  • Fresh water generators (by using reverse osmosis membrane)
  • Hydraulic test instruments
  • Plungers
  • Emulsion fuels
  • Nano-bulbs
  • Gun drills
  • High-pressure coolant units used for machine tools
  • High-pressure pumps used for dry mist
  • Fine slit pumps for electric discharge
  • High-pressure washing machines for engine parts

Tokupi products are highly appreciated by domestic and overseas industries. In addition, we are supplying vacuum pumps to be mounted on fire trucks and contributing much to environmental safety. Furthermore, our relating products, represented by high-pressure valves and accumulators are also evaluated by exclusive engineering manufacturers.

Created from Tokupi’s own technology, our management idea is always based on the “Spirits of human respect “ and “A man of enterprise”.
In order to establish consistent and responsible, all managers and employees of Tokupi Co. have mutual relationship and close teamwork so that we can develop advanced products widely to satisfy the future demands.

Someday in July, 2010
President : Chikara Morigo
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